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Cross Culture Tattoo is an up and coming tattoo gallery, recently established in 2020. Owned and operated by Australian and Indonesian, combining both cultures and quality standards to give the best tattoo experience possible. We serve tattoo as a premium body art that you can trust, ensuring an uncompromising hygiene and the most comfortable tattoo sessions. 


Our shop is situated at Legian, Kuta, the center of tourism activity in Bali, offering a new destination for tourist and travelers. You can find us themed in black and gold, representing luxury premium brand, topped with modern interiors and cozy furniture to express our significance of your comfort and enjoyment.

We currently have 14 professional tattoo artist, skilled and experienced with standard procedure in preventing cross contamination and bacterial infection. Each of them has their own unique skills and perspective in tattooing, ready to put your imagination into ink that you can be proud of.

We have a broad understanding and knowledge that every single tattoo is unique, considering its size and complexity into account. We are all ready to fulfill your requirement, grant your request, and realize your imagination.


we ensure an uncompromising hygiene

We take great measure to ensure worry-free experience from our customer.


Our hygiene protocol starts from the shop itself, We make sure the floor and interiors are cleaned periodically, while the working bench is  sanitized after each session to create a germ-free environment.

Our tools and equipment are wrapped with plastic, and replaced with a new one for each each session. No reusable needles are allowed to prevent cross contamination, and our artist are required to wear gloves and mask to avoid bacterial infections.

Cross Culture Tattoo uphold the highest standard in hygiene and safety, letting you have body arts that you can trust.

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What is worse than having an awesome tattoo in your body that fade sooner than expected. Tattooing is not only about design, or how skillful the artist is, the type of the ink is as important as the whole tattoo itself.


Cross Culture Tattoo uses the highest quality ink available that has been proven by many professional tattoo artist, securing a long lasting art in your body.

We have wide ranges of colored ink, in which our artist are experienced with mixing and matching color combination. Making certain an indistinguishable look between the desired design and the final result in your body

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